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By Anna 'Velma' Daugherty

March 06, 2013 @ 6:36pm

Sound Blaster Day 2 Review and Stats

By Crowslaw

Though it should have been Day 2 of the Sound Blaster Heroes League, we now finally have our first match of the Round of 16. In one corner we have the outstanding and always surprising SEA team, [ORGE]Orange eSports, facing off versus the fast-rising NA/EU team of [AiD]Afraid, which is currently in their best run of HoN Tour to date.

Orange eSports has been a very successful team employing similar strategies compared to the NA/EU teams. They are credited with bringing Moon Queen to the table back during Dreamhack Winter. They also are known for playing Predator, in addition to heroes like Cthulhuphant in the past. On the other hand there is Afraid who has been notably running Artillery frequently. They are currently in the Hon Tour Loser Bracket Semi-Finals facing [LION]Lions eSportsKlubb next Saturday.

The first match started with some interesting drafts. We saw Moon Queen and Sand Wraith on opposite sides of the draft. Afraid managed to pick up that recent god-tier Moon Queen, while Orange eSports preferred the common SEA pickup Sand Wraith. Despite both teams letting Moon Queen into play, we do see Pebbles, Wildsoul and Parasite as heroes that neither team wants to deal with. Throughout the match Afraid struggled as dabeliuteef on Sand Wraith became a very scary force, but with early push and a stronger team overall Afraid came out on top in the end. There was some very aggressive and great Moraxus play, as well as Deadwood.

Second match saw some more typical bans and picks coming out, though carry Hammerstorm was the name of this game. dabeliuteef showed everyone probably one of the best examples of how hard a Hammerstorm can hit, combined with some of the best Tempest Elemental Void’s in Newerth. In the end dabeliuteef actually did not die that round going 10/0/8 overall; this was the match Orange eSports needed to get back into the game.

The third match is probably one that everyone should watch, it has some of the most amazing plays I've seen come from both sides in probably one of the biggest back and forth throwing games. It was the showdown of the double-tree brothers with a Silhouette on Afraid versus a super aggressive play style of Moraxus and Tempest, with a near 700 gpm The Dark Lady for Orange. Near the end of the match I think the viewers including Beef and Emperor were more nervous and unsure than the players because there was so much going on. From The Dark Lady escaping multiple times with approximately 100 hp, clutch plays from Moraxus and Tempest saving his teammate, and huge man ups from Dark Lady as he would two-shot Bubbles with a critical strike before getting falcon punched by a Shrunken Headed Deadwood.

I really recommend for people to watch the game, available on complexity.hon's twitch channel

The second match was much quicker due to it being a matchup of [sG]stayGreen versus [vdT]Vietnamese Dream, who got into the tournament by taking [OTP]One Trick Pony spot due to that team's disbanding announcement last week. This put the top currently in team in HoN versus what is around the 17th ranked team in HoN Tour standings. In a clearly outclassed matchup we saw stayGreen completely dominate the matches, taking it in a quick and decisive 2-0 with almost both matches being around 20 minute concedes.

Well fought by Vietnamese Dream, as they currently have fallen to Gold Division. As a new team they struggle to compete versus the top teams in the game. They proved themselves many times throughout the match that they did not give up and still pressured and brought a match worth playing to stayGreen, but experience was clearly lacking in many of the decision-making processes throughout the game.

Without being able to put Pewe` on his infamous Monkey King Vietnamese Dream really suffered as it is one thing that many lower teams have to deal with. Having to get a respect ban on a certain hero you play really tends to mess with your lineup; you tend to play a bit more unconventionally compared to higher tier teams. One respect ban can really screw up teams who rely on individual heroes, which gives the higher teams that much more of an edge against them. The way that lower teams need to find a way to upset higher teams is by running strategies that a team like sG, [tdM]Trademark eSports and [coL]compLexityGaming do not practice against often.

Some stats on the first two matches played:

KD leaders

swindlemelonzz - 13.0
dabeliuteef - 4.86
KheZu - 3.5
Zfreek - 3.0
sLiCKz - 2.0

GPM leaders

dabeliuteef - 520.33
Jollem - 470.30
sLiCKz - 431.80
swindlemelonzz - 401.35
Chessie - 397.20

Total Kills

dabeliuteef - 34
Jollem - 26
_wangwang -17
Kiddo` -15
Panny -14
swindlemelonzz/Gosig` - 13

Most active heroes

Parasite - four times banned, one time banned out five matches
Tempest - four times locked, one time first picked out of pool out five matches
Aluna - five picks out of five locks out of five matches
Master Of Arms - four picks in two locks, with one ban out of five games
Moraxus - Four picks with one lock out of five matches

Most Blind Banned heroes

Wildsoul - six times, five matches + one double blind ban
Rally/ Moon Queen/ Pebbles/ Plague Rider/ Artillery/ Fayde - two times each

Heroes that were left out, surprise show heroes

Pharaoh - zero lock, pick, ban
Blood Hunter - One lock, zero picks
Sand Wraith - One pick
Revenant - One lock, zero picks

- "Crowslaw"

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