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By Anna 'Velma' Daugherty

March 07, 2013 @ 2:02pm

Sound Blaster Day 3 Review

By Crowslaw

Yet again we see another match being rescheduled between [coL]compLexityGaming and [BYE]A HonTour Team. No word yet on when this match will take place.

Today we will see [357]QsQ and nxl> Focus' rescheduled match be played in addition to regular matches between [Pika]Pikachu and Cats gaming, and [tdM]Trademark eSports vs [xCet]Team Excellent, a rematch from the previous HoN Tour weekend with a chance for Team Excellent to see if they upset Trademark yet again.

Honcast's first cast of the Sound Blaster Heroes League started off unfortunately, but spirits eventually picked up as we got on our way with the showdown between [TteS]Tt eSPORTS and [oo7]We Are Spies. Recently we've seen these two teams face off in the latest HoN Tour Diamond Division Loser Bracket Quarter Finals where TteS came out on top 2-0. We Are Spies came into the game seeking revenge and hopefully to have the opportunity to defeat the rising powerhouse team.

The first game started off strong in We Are Spies' favor with a very close pick off onto Parasite before the creeps spawned. LeonBlack` managed to get away with barely any hp left. Afterward we saw Draconis farm quite well up top as Glacius helped him shutdown Jeppins on Magmus quite well.

With a pick off onto Gravekeeper for first blood with the help of Pharaoh We Are Spies continued looking strong. Then suddenly things took a turn for the worse with Moiravus on Wretched Hag and Parasite having amazing farm early on.

With a 15 minute Hellflower on Hag combined with Parasite's pre 13 minute Codex, things were about to get very hard for We Are Spies. With nothing happening for a few minutes, Draconis was able to finish up his Nullstone around the 18 minute mark while Monkey King continued to try and farm although being inactive he was doing quite well. But by the 20 minute mark things had already start to tip more in TteS' favour as Parasite picked up his level 3 codex by then and Magmus was close to his Portal Key.

CaKeS farmed as hard as he could on Draconis, but his team started to fall apart around him. Pharaoh tried his best to make stuff happen, but was unable to get much follow up. Monkey King was getting picked off before anyone could react. With no lock down and chase potential, Draconis was unable to securely kill people due to TteS' play style with a hit-and-run tactic.

Each time they would apply pressure and pick off someone, it forced Draconis to use his Shrunken Head or else be killed. In just over 10 minutes since picking up his Shrunken, it was already down to five seconds remaining. Considering the cooldown on it is about a minute long, you can get the idea of how much pressure was being applied to We Are Spies.

Despite all the pressure they were applying, We Are Spies held on as best as they could, but in the end after a poor exchange at Kongor they gathered up and pushed mid in a last-ditch effort. With a team fight breaking out and Draconis getting taken out before he could even get his Shrunken Head off, We Are Spies conceded ready to move into the second game.

The second game started off again in We Are Spies' favor as they picked up Flux who got a first blood kill in a jungle clash onto Rally. Soon after this they could not keep the momentum up as some excellent jungle harass came out with two roaming supports from TteS.

Rally soon had his revenge after the first blood kill, showing off why he is such a force and common pick up recently; his compel was used mercilessly both offensively and defensively, netting kills and saving allies. Despite how well We Are Spies played, it seemed that TteS was on a different level, making amazing plays across the map and securing kills while saving teammates from turnarounds. Not only were Tt eSports winning, but they were playing probably the best they ever have. They played tight and close-knit throughout both matches and really showed why they would be considered the 4th place team in community rankings.

Soon after the match ended again in TteS' dominant favor, I managed to speak to DirtyMobs in hope that his team wasn't too bummed about the loss. He assured my concern saying that "TteS has a play style that counters ours pretty hard." The main turning point in momentum came from the first game it seems, the constant pressure from TteS was something unlike we haven't seen too often in HoN with teams managing to pick off a players and reset the fight before pressuring more.

Talking to DirtyMobs about how he felt throughout the first match he had this to say,
DirtyMobs: "They're just really good at it (picking someone off) cause that's what they do all the time. We were trying to avoid and let dragon carry but they picked good counter heroes to pharaoh so we couldn't keep them from moving in team fights. They'd just move-move-move, making it hard for dragon to finish a target before they got away."

It couldn't be more true as we saw it happen live and Emperor himself commented on how TteS was picking off Monkey King instantly and often and he was the one who could chase and provide lockdown for Draconis to finish a target off.

Also I managed to talk to TteS captain LeonBlack` coming off his big win. He now sits atop the KD leader board with an amazing 20.0 after his amazing support plays with Parasite and Glacius in the games.

How do you feel coming out of the match? You've now won 4-0 versus We Are Spies in your last two meetings.

LeonBlack`: "Always feels good to win, but still kind of expected results. No disrespect towards We Are Spies, but they still need more time as a team to get to the top tier of Diamond."

How do you feel going into your next matchup? You'll face the winner of the compLexity versus A HonTour Team match. Most people obviously see compLexity coming out on top here.

LeonBlack`: "Hopefully we'll do better, last time we played them my drafting was off... was just a bad day for us overall."

Okay sounds good and looking forward to seeing the next round matches.

With many more matches coming out today, we will see QsQ's rescheduled match versus nxl> focus eSports on top of Pikachu vs Cats Gaming and Trademark eSports taking on Team Excellent. Definitely an action packed day with 3 matches to take place, hopefully all the games will be played and no more rescheduled matches will have to come.

Here's some more interesting facts and stats coming out from today's games and the games overall.

39 different heroes have been either banned, locked or picked in the first 7 matches.

Five new heroes were seen today being Pharaoh, Empath, Gravekeeper, Flux and Andromeda.

Aluna and Tempest are the top picked heroes showing in six games a piece with one ban each. Aluna has possibly the worst only winning one of six matches while Tempest has won four of six in return.

Rally and Master Of Arms have a 100% win rate in three games played for Rally and four for Master of Arms, next best is Deadwood winning three of four showings.

Bubbles has never played on the Hellbourne side so far, all four times he has been picked up as the Legion's 2nd/3rd pick out of the normal hero pool.

- Crowslaw

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