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Meet the HonCast Team

Nick 'BreakyCPK' Caras . lead shoutcaster




EST (GMT -4)

Kalamazoo, MI

San Diego, California

Favorite Food:
Pepperoni Pizza

Favorite Hero:
Demented Shaman

Gaming History

The first computer game I ever picked up was Wolfenstein 3D way back in the early 90s. My father was actually a computer engineer so I grew up around computers which helped fuel my drive to do what I do today. I only owned two consoles growing up, one being the SEGA and the other the XBOX, but I found myself going over to friends places to play on their consoles, especially the SNES and Playstation. I have always been a PC gamer at heart though, in my earlier years going through a lot of FPS games like Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Doom and then eventually Half-Life where I had my first real taste of competitive gaming. Team Fortress Classic was my first true competitive game and then that quickly transitioned into Counter-Strike where I experienced my first local LAN events. Later on in high school, I picked up my first MMORPG in World of Warcraft and lets just say that took over my life for the next 4-5 years as far as my gaming career goes. I have always loved games since I was very young and I will always love games until the day I die!

HoN History

I was an avid DotA fan in high school, it was a game where a couple of friends and I could just hop on to spend a good 1-2 hours and always seem to have a new experience every time. I also played a bit with my WoW guild buddies and one day, one of them linked Beta Keys to a new game called "Heroes of Newerth" which was a new take on DotA, but with better graphics! So we decided to give it a shot back in July of 2009 and I was completely in awe of how good the graphics were and how different the experience was, but at the same time you could tell it was a very similar game. I instantly became hooked and found myself logging on nearly every day to play at least a couple of games to progress my PSR as well as just try new heroes and new item builds. Being a competitive gamer, I took an interest in tournaments and soon became hooked on watching replays as in HoN's spectator interface and loved all the information it provided. It just so happened at this same time, I was also both going to school and working at a local radio station to pursue my sports broadcasting career, and simply needed ways to get more experience in the field. So I figured I would give shoutcasting HoN a shot, back in October of 2009, and well... the rest is history.

How to Contact Me

Twitter - @breakycpk
In-Game - BreakyCPK

Favorite Hero

Demented Shaman, I have always been more of a support style of player in any game that involves a team, and I was also a huge fan of Shadow Priest from DotA, who is considered the near equivalent.

Least Favorite Hero

Sand Wraith, anyone that knows the tri-lane competitive era of HoN knows how BORING it was to watch Sand Wraith Tri-Lanes and how inevitable the outcome was.

Anything Else People Should Know?

I do have a life outside of gaming believe it or not! I am a huge sports fanatic, mainly for football and basketball. Growing up I was constantly involved in one sport or another and in High School I actually played all three seasons, from Football, to Basketball, to Track and Field. Also my middle name is Alan and I am half Greek!

Lead Shoutcaster
Nick Caras
Competitive Analyst
Mark Seidl
Matt Kline
Brad Osantoski
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